Friday, 12 November 2010


Our visual inspiration is based on the Golden Age illustrations.
Some of the artists are Harry Clarke, Ivan Bilibin, John Bauer and Kay Nielsen.

Beat boards

by Adrian Dexter.


The story of a young man who can't face failing his dying father,
is burdened with the failure of those who came before him.

A dying king has had a vision
he chooses his eldest son
to journey to a distant island
to collect the blood of a beast..
The blood gives whoever drinks it
The prince sets off on his journey
to the island,
once he arrives at the lair of the beast
he is surprised to find that the beast
is dead. Greif stricken
he returns home. Along the way
he sees a deer and decides to
collect the deer's blood.
At this moment his father lies in his bed
has a second vision of death,
and stops being,
and begins his journey of not being.